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Bing-wallpaper wallpaper for OS X, and any Unix like desktop (eg. Ubuntu).

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Bing Wallpaper for Mac and Ubuntu


A script which downloads the latest picture of the day from and saves it to a directory.

The script was tested on:

How to use?

$ ./ --help
Usage: [options] -h | --help --version

  -f --force                     Force download of picture. This will overwrite
                                 the picture if the filename already exists.
  -s --ssl                       Communicate with over SSL.
  -q --quiet                     Do not display log messages.
  -n --filename <file name>      The name of the downloaded picture. Defaults to
                                 the upstream name.
  -p --picturedir <picture dir>  The full path to the picture download dir.
                                 Will be created if it does not exist.
                                 [default: $HOME/Pictures/bing-wallpapers/]
  -h --help                      Show this screen.
  --version                      Show version.

Configuration on Mac

Configuration on Ubuntu


$ git clone
$ bing-wallpaper/Tools/gnome-bing-slideshow/

How to register or to run regularly.

There are two ways to run the scipts regularly: cron jobs and startup applications. * Cron jobs: * Change the path of in Tools/bing-cron to the desired script location. If left unchanged the default value is ~/Pictures/ * From the terminal run crontab /path/to/bing-cron to setup the cronjob. * Startup programs: * From HUD, search for startup applications. * Add or